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What is meant is that these cartoons are free of logic, free of common sense, free of gravity and all those funny rules. So why do the cartoon characters stick to the ground? Easy – They stick glue to their shoes.

ESL Printable Worksheets

The worksheets below can be used in an English lesson to practise language points and to bring humor to the classroom. However, you may use them for other educational purposes too.

Ideas on how to use the worksheets:

1. Give students the blank caption portion and have them guess the captions. This is a fun classroom activity which gets students to creatively practise their writing skills.

2. Teacher can blank out some words from original text for students to fill in. This can be done to practise grammar forms or vocabulary.

3. Teacher can scramble letters of words, or mix up the words of the text for students to sort out.

Here are the worksheets: 

Clean Energy

Dog on Telephone

Poker Game

Flip Flops

Dog Sitter

Wishing Well

Low Rider

Take a Break

Healing Words

Mobile Phone


Dog Food Breakfast

Work is Piling up

House Expansion

Car Delivered

Poker Bet

Easily Tricked

Finders Keepers

Reserved a Spot

Hide and Seek