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Home of the Rex and Dexter comic strip featuring a wiener dog Rex and his loyal master Dexter.

Free Cartoons!

What is meant is that these cartoons are free of logic, free of common sense, free of gravity and all those funny rules. So why do the cartoon characters stick to the ground? Easy – They stick glue to their shoes.


There is a dog Rex,
Profoundly complex,
Who will vex
And even perplex.

His master so loyal,
Puts up with the toil,
Until driven mad to a boil.

Why do you snarl and growl and bark
And chase every soul in the park?

It’s the hoot of the owl,
And lullaby lark,
That make me as mad as a shark.

They’re blissful and free,
Not tied up, you see
With a pedigree dog
Twice smarter than me.